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" Life does not die, Hope is alive,  Journey is endless "

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UCO Bank Pensioners' Association, West Bengal Beckons all pensioners of the bank to join The Association to strengthen The movement of Banks' Pensioners and Retirees all over the country to achieve updation, rationalisation and improvement of the existing Pension scheme including family pension, medical and other facilities.

"Pension is not a gratis or a charity. It is deferred wages in recognition of the past service rendered by The government Servants who had given their blood and sweat in their prime age so that they are not left in the lurch for building the nation and it is the duty of the state to take care of them in their advanced age as a Part of Social Welfare." (Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court)

We are always at service of all Pensioners and Retirees of the Bank in their distress.

Welcome to UCO Bank Pensioners` Association (UCBPA), West Bengal Website..

Last updated on 27.05.2022 : 23:12 hrs..
Subho Poila Bishakh 1429 and Happy Eid .. Stay Home and Save Lives ..!!

General Secretary, UCBPA, West Bengal
The employees who retired from Bank on or after 01-11-2017 but missed to apply for arrear of yearly medical, will get another chance to claim.

Head Office has decided to open a window in HRMS from 26th to 28th April 2022 for claiming the same arrear.

Eligible ex-employees are requested to note of it and apply without fail.
NOTICE for members of UCBPA (WB).
Due to spread of Coronavirus across the state, it has been decided to close our Office at 4 N.S.Road, Room No.172, 1st floor, Kolkata-700001 from today (20.3.2020) till further instruction. Opening of our Office Room will be intimated to you when situation will be normalised.
Subrata Sarkar
General Secretary
DATE. 20.3.2020.
MOB. 9830841788.
Dear Members, your safety is of utmost importance. Follow Govt. guidelines and help yourself and everyone else combat COVID - 19.
Subrata Sarkar
Com. Debabrata Chanda, leader of all UCOites across the country, founder member and well wisher of All India UCO Bank Pensioners Federation, our friend, philosopher and guide is no more with us. Our respectful tribute to the great Leader....................
On behalf of shocked and saddened members of All India UCO Bank Pensioners` Federation, Subrata Sarkar, General Secretary.

UCOBPA: A condolence meeting will be held in memory of Com Debabrata Chanda on 22nd, Sept`21 at BEF Meeting Hall, 53, Radha Bazar St at 3pm. Pl attend. Subrata Sarkar, Secretary
Pension Payment For March 2022.
System not yet started. But pension will be credited today.
Subrata Sarkar
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